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Returning to the Sea

Volvo conveyed their desire for being actively involved in the care of the environment and reflecting this through powerful digital content, true to their brand values while reaching a millennial audience. At the same time, Volvo is one of the leading companies in technological advances linked to safety. Therefore, they asked We Are Era to create a series of videos capable of showing the practical qualities of their vehicles.

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Die Idee

To reflect both approaches, we designed the concepts “Returning to the sea” and "Tested with Volvo." The first series consisted of four episodes: Trust and respect, Life, Abuse and Forgiveness, sharing the journey of surfer Axi Muniain as he travelled the Basque coast and connected with nature and the ocean. In the second series, we conducted four technology tutorials to test the capabilities of the latest Volvo models.

Das Ergebnis

In total, eight videos were created and posted on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to have greater visibility and reach among the target audience. On these platforms the series’ exceeded 33,300 impressions organically.


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