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Business Partner Principles

As of: December 2022

Economicsuccess and good corporate citizenship are inseparable objectives of ourcompany. As such, responsible and ethical behavior toward employees, businesspartners, society and the environment are integral parts of our company’s valuesystem and are formalized in our Code of Conduct.


Complyingwith laws and regulations, as well as with International Conventions statinguniversally recognized rights and values such as the United Nations (UN) GlobalCompact or the ILO standards, is a matter of course for us in our businessactivities.


Thiscommitment must also be reflected in the relationships we maintain withbusiness partners. The continuity and further development of successfulbusiness relationships depend to a large extent on a shared commitment tointegrity and social responsibility.


Wetherefore expect from our business partners that they comply with the minimumrequirements laid down in the We Are Era Business Partner Principles. We thankour business partners who share our commitment to responsible and ethicalbusiness conduct.



Ourbusiness partners shall...

- adhere to applicable laws at the local, national andinternational level. The following areas are of particular importance:antitrust and competition laws, insider trading laws, foreign traderegulations, protection of intellectual property, data protection laws.

- condemn any form of corruption and bribery.

- condemn any form of fraud toward We Are Era and thirdparties.

- conduct their business and perform financial reportingwith integrity.

- disclose potential or actual conflicts of interest indealing with We Are Era’s operations and resolve these as quickly as possible.

- protect confidential information from unauthorizeddisclosure and misuse, just as they shall protect We Are Era’s reputation whenmaking public statements.

- use information provided to them by We Are Eraexclusively to fulfill their tasks within the scope of providing services forus and shall protect it from internal and external misuse.



Ourbusiness partners shall…

- respect and support the protection of universally recognizedhuman rights and make sure that they are not complicit in violations of humanrights.

- not use or tolerate any form of forced or child labor.

- adhere to the statutory regulations on fair workingconditions, including those on payment,

- working hours and the protection of privacy.

- provide a workplace environment that does not allowfor discrimination.

- protect the health and safety of their employees inthe workplace.



- Our business partners shall consider climateprotection as well as the responsible use of natural resources as importantparts of their corporate responsibility.



- Our business partners shall use best efforts to ensurethat they and their own business partners, who they appoint to work for or onbehalf of We Are Era, are familiar with the minimum requirements of the We AreEra Business Partner Principles and observe these.