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TikTok: today the fastest growing social media platform and, since its launch in 2017, THE app when it comes to short video content. We shared this interesting trend with the KNVB and following that, they decided to expand their social media arsenal with the fan channel OnsOranje in early 2020. The goal? To reach and activate young supporters. This was thus also the starting point of a successful collaboration.

Cooperation with

The Idea

During the intensive pilot phase, which focused on the match between the KNVB and TikTok, we were dependent on existing footage due to current coronagraphs. A challenge we (like our Lions and Lionesses) were only too happy to take on. It turned out to be a huge success, the short-form content strategy gained over 1.4 million followers in no time and has grown into a topical platform where Orange fans can gather in 2022. In addition to the OnsOranje Instagram channel, TikTok allowed an entirely new target group to be reached. During the pilot phase, the way we serve this target group was examined. By using different content strategies side by side, we found out how we can optimally inform, entertain and activate the TikTok audience through trends, current affairs, exclusive and personal content.

The Results

With over 400 videos, we averaged; 185 million total views, 350k views per video, 16 million total likes, 1.4 million followers and over 6 million monthly views. A great success: the OnsOranje TikTok channel thus became the KNVB's largest social media channel.

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