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Tinder Collective

Over half of Tinder users worldwide are 18-24 years old and thus belong to Generation Z, characterised above all by their individuality and strong opinions. But how do you get this audience excited about socially relevant topics on a platform that has so far been known for quick hookups?

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The Idea

We called upon six strong, young female influencers to form the Tinder Collective. They embody the digital generation, give it a voice and represent the opinions of the young target group. Whether discussing self-love, acceptance, inclusivity or the interests of the LGBTI + community - the six women are the mouthpieces of the Tinder community. As experts, they use Instagram to host conversations about topics that move young people across a period of six months. The influencer cast for the Tinder Collective couldn't have been better; “attitude before reach” was our motto when selecting the right campaign ambassadors.

The Results

The Tinder Collective was launched with great media coverage and positive feedback from the community to stimulate the discourse on socially relevant topics such as distorted ideals of beauty, discrimination or grievances within the LGBTI+ community. Until December 2020, the Tinder Collective encourages exchange within their communities and encourage them to not only accept their uniqueness but to celebrate it.

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