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Tell a sketch in 30 seconds or less? No problem for the TikTok format SPICY.


Comedy format for funk on TikTok

The Story

Girls are not as funny as boys? Not even close! With our TikTok format "SPICY" we tell short skits for young women between the ages of 16 and 20 years. The format has been online since the beginning of December 2019, making it one of the first editorial formats on the TikTok platform.

Our humor: a recognisable situation, an open moment, punchline. However, the classic three-act structure is optimised for TikTok. It works in a pointed, often elliptical and meme-like manner and is linked to trending hashtags, sounds and memes currently on the platform. As the name says, nothing is too “spicy” for us to talk about; from menstruation, to annoying flat mates to strange party moments - no topic is left out. In this format: Relatability is Queen and that’s why SPICY is always in touch with the community. Female empowerment with comedy on TikTok? That's right.

The ensemble is made up of comedians, Erika Ratcliffe and Maria-Clara Groppler, as well as TikToker Patricia Martsch. They turn their everyday experiences into comedy on social media or live on stage.


funk (ARD/ZDF)


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