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A cultural workout: Flick Flack resolves unanswered questions, satiates curiosity and connects the dots like you'd never thought possible.

Flick Flack

Culture magazin for Arte

The Story

Flick Flack enlightens and entertains its audience by exploring the untold stories of arts and culture in 4-minute motion-illustrated episodes. Each topic twists, turns and surprises both visually and through narrative. In addition to current affairs, Flick Flack dives into the world's most unique cultural phenomena, trends and portraits of the past and present... Culture on ARTE: entertaining and accessible.

In 2019, we partnered with Arte and French production houses La Blogothèque and Milgram to produce their first ten episode completely in house. The creative team was responsible for every step in the process from concept, research and writing; to direction and production as well as design, illustration and animation. The diverse range of topics covered explore niche stories in the realm of arts and culture, from the history of the smiley face, to a modern art form built from the social media ban on female nipples, to a look the intellectual art movement Dadaism.


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