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Divimove rebrands under European umbrella brand We Are Era

June 8, 2021


Divimove has rebranded as We Are Era. Following the successful integration of industry pioneers UFA X, TUBE ONE Networks and RTL MCN, along with joining forces with Scandinavia's leading online video network United Screens, Divimove will now operate under a new umbrella brand. The Europe-wide brand change will be rolled out over the next few weeks. To coincide with the new brand the European market leader will reposition itself to focus on allying content, talent, and reach by leveraging psychographic matchmaking and storytelling.

Almost 10 years after its launch, Divimove has adopted a new vision to match its new brand identity: Crafting the Zeitgeist. Like We Are Era, it emphasises the company's hands-on attitude and pioneering spirit.

"Our partners can expect us to lead the way. A true market leader is not only characterised by market power but, above all, by the ability to be a thought leader and to always think one step ahead. It is our responsibility to recognise today what will be relevant tomorrow and then to position ourselves to lead our partners into the future that lies ahead of us and provide answers to their questions before they even ask them. This also means that established categories do not always apply, which is why we no longer fit into typical industry categories. The combination of what we deliver is not replicated by any other player: excellent content, great talent and maximum reach across all platforms, genres, industries and countries," explains Tobias Schiwek, CEO We Are Era.

Content, talent and reach from a single provider

We Are Era sees itself as the shortest route to reaching any community across Europe. Their range of services for broadcasters, brands, influencers and NGOs has been massively expanded in terms of content, talent and reach. The in-house studio business develops and produces content for every platform – from entertaining branded content formats on TikTok to multi-part documentaries for TV and streaming services. We Are Era is shaping talent management beyond the confines of social media. In addition to influencers, the company will now develop and market talent from the traditional media landscape as cross-platform personality brands. We Are Era gives advertising partners access to the biggest pan-European media inventory on YouTube – with 1,500 channels delivering a total monthly reach of over four billion video views – along with all other relevant platforms.

Psychographic matchmaking and storytelling

As an industry pioneer, the company has been working closely with the most popular content creators across Europe for almost ten years. In addition to the close relationships with exclusive artists, the company offers its advertising brand partners additional data insights for the "Perfect Match". A newly established international data team will enable clients to use psychographic matchmaking when targeting and analysing communities in the future.

"We had already cracked the cookie apocalypse before it was even arrived. Millions of people come together because of shared value systems, not media budgets or cookies, and that’s what our creator provide to global communities. We call their fans followers for a reason: they follow their idols from platform to platform. What connects them are attitudes, identical behaviours and motivators. Demographic characteristics fall short, because age is not a target group. Our job is to precisely decipher this intersection of shared values between talent, community and our partners on the channel or brand side and to develop stories that make a difference," adds Schiwek.

Glocal campaigns: combining global reach and local expertise

We Are Era deftly fuses the expertise of its local offices with the global reach of its talent portfolio to generate added value for advertisers in cross-border brand communication – be it by developing branded channels that build their own sustainable value systems for brands across platforms, or arranging Europe-wide market entry and product launch campaigns across all relevant platforms and domains. In addition to developing strategy, creating content and harnessing Europe's largest artist portfolio in over a dozen countries, the company delivers high-reach media services on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Campaigns on Twitch and Pinterest are also part of the portfolio, as are market entry joint ventures with new platforms. The first pan-European projects include productions for clients like Intel, Xiaomi, Samsung and TikTok.

Divimove's rebranding as We Are Era is the result of an unprecedented process that transformed Europe's largest multi-channel network into a first-of-its-kind media company. We Are Era currently has 240 employees from over 30 countries at its offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. In parallel with the new brand identity, the company has moved its Berlin headquarters to a new 2,000 m² site in the city's Schöneberg district, where its expert teams develop and deliver consulting, strategy, business intelligence, data, concept creation, design, talent management, production, business development, HR, IT, PR and media services for clients.


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