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Psychographics meets demographics: We Are Era launches Social Intelligence Hub for values-driven marketing

November 25, 2021


We want to be the industry's guide and insurance in a world of changing platforms and communities.

Tobias Schiwek, CEO at We Are Era

We Are Era, Europe's leading studio and talent agency, is expanding its consulting business for brands, broadcasters, NGOs and platforms and pooling its data-driven services in a dedicated Social Intelligence Hub. This unit will offer partners psychographic as well as demographic insights and analyses covering communities across all social networks as well as deep social listening insights about online conversations. The hub's international team is being led by Cristina David, Vice President Business Intelligence at We Are Era.

Attitudes and values matter more than age

"Relevance is always subjective, and is largely defined by our own lifestyles. This is why the traditional differentiators used to identify target groups have their limitations. In the battle for people's attention, effective, long-term identification is based on shared value systems and attitudes, not on where individuals live or on their age," explains We Are Era CEO Tobias Schiwek.

"We want to be the industry's guide and insurance in a world of changing platforms and communities. With our Social Intelligence Hub, we're creating the basis for a vital, in-depth understanding of target groups and translating insights into relevance."

Psychographic matchmaking delivers perfect matches

In launching the Social Intelligence Hub and in the wake of its Europe-wide rebranding, We Are Era is once again embracing a values-driven approach to marketing. Ever since it was founded in 2012, the company has relied primarily on its personal relationships with talented individuals to bring national and international broadcasters, advertising partners and NGOs together with influencers. Its new data-driven consulting packages will include a matchmaking service for companies and influencers driven by psychographic data. This will fill a gap in the market, as companies vying for people's attention need an ever more detailed understanding of their target groups.

Real-time insights from communities and subsegments

"After a year of intensive development and conversations with our clients, we've put together a strong data services offering that easily outstrips the industry standard," says We Are Era's Vice President Business Intelligence Cristina David in connection with the launch of the Social Intelligence Hub. "With my amazing team of data experts, I'm really looking forward to offering our partners the fastest values-driven route to any community. The social insights gleaned from our data analytics will provide all advertisers with a better basis for decision-making, meaning greater certainty in their campaign planning."

The Social Intelligence Hub will deliver real-time knowledge of what a particular community or subculture is talking about and an understanding of what motivates them. Drawing on millions of channels and a huge range of content from leading platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, We Are Era will give advertising partners an insight into communities of all kinds. For example, it will be possible to pinpoint popular discussion topics and identify community subsegments. This will allow advertisers to align their marketing campaigns and storytelling even more closely with the real needs and current preoccupations of specific communities.


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