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Tinder Collective: Divimove and Tinder give Gen Z a voice

August 5, 2020


"Young people are extremely demanding and sophisticated when it comes to marketing messages."

Jenifer Schwarzer, Head of Strategy Divimove

Introducing the new Tinder Collective: six strong young women representing the voice and face of Generation Z. Tinder, the world's most popular app for meeting new people, has teamed up with Divimove to bring together six young female opinion leaders who perfectly embody the Tinder community and are committed to promoting the interests of Gen Z. Over a five-month period, they will discuss their own choice of topics in a range of formats on Instagram.

"Over half of Tinder users worldwide are aged 18–24. That means they belong to Generation Z, whose defining characteristics are individuality and strong opinions. At Tinder, we want to nurture this tendency, create a platform foryoung people to discuss relevant issues, and work with them to raise awareness of current challenges. That's why, together with Divimove, we've selected young opinion leaders for the Tinder Collective with a view to starting a long-term collaboration. The six women were chosen mainly for the motivation and energy they will bring to promoting a socially relevant topic in partnership with Tinder," says Marie Josephine Ludewig, Brand Marketing Manager at Tinder.

Divimove gave the winning pitch to become lead agency partner for the campaign. Its team is responsible for the creative idea, concept and strategy development, influencer scouting, campaign management and production.

"We're proud to be working with Tinder to break new ground and foster debate on topical social issues such as distorted ideals of beauty, discrimination and the abuse face by LGBTI* people. Young people are extremely demanding and sophisticated when it comes to marketing messages. That's why, when we were putting together the Tinder Collective, we were more concerned with individual attitude than just the number of followers. Like Tinder itself, each member embodies the voice of self-confident youth," explains Jenifer Schwarzer, Head of Strategy at Divimove.

As part of Generation Z, the six influencers are mouthpieces for the young Tinder community and experts in the issues that matter to young people, whether it be self-love, acceptance, inclusivity or the interests of the LGBTI* community. Within Generation Z particularly, there is a lively exchange of ideas about how our society needs to change. These are also important issues for Tinder, a brand that brings people together, both online and in person. That is why the company supports Generation Z in promoting an inclusive and openworld. The initiative kicks off next week with Jana (@janaxnell), for whom well-being is the top priority. She will talk about single empowerment and share her own experiences with the community. Thekey issues for Ebru and Olive are acceptance, tolerance and diversity within society, while Valentina (@valentinavapaux) will be focusing on self-love and self-acceptance in the context of dating. Denise (@nisi156) is also a keen advocate of mutual respect, and especially respectful behaviour online. Last but not least, Karlotta (@karlotta.emilie) will round things off in December with a look at the impact of social media on personal well-being, especially in terms of the ideals of beauty for young women. She will encourage the community not just to accept their own uniqueness but to celebrate it.


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