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YouTube challenge: extraordinary penalty shoot-out for Puma and Mario Balotelli

February 9, 2018


Having taken part in the world's first ever helicopter penalty shoot-out, this time Mario Balotelli faces another outlandish challenge, once again testing his shooting accuracy in an a commercial. He and his challenger, Wass Freestyle, are kitted out with new Puma Future and Puma One football boots, which recently went on sale for the first time in France. The idea and concept behind the commercial stem from Divimove and Thomas Marko & Associates, who also co-produced the video in southern France.

To launch its new football boots, Puma is once again relying on an extreme YouTube challenge featuring its brand ambassador Mario Balotelli and a well-known social influencer to reach young audiences on the social web. In the port of Nice, Wass Freestyle and the Italian striker compete with each other in another extreme penalty shoot-out. This time, all they have to do is kick balls into an empty net. Which would be easy, if the goal wasn't small and hadn't been fixed to the roof of a car being driven in circles at breakneck speed by French racing driver Axel François.

The new video was an immediate smash hit In its young target group. Within the first 48 hours after its release, it had already notched up over 650,000 views and generated a high interaction rates, eliciting more than 1,550 comments and 35,000 likes on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


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