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Social Intelligence Hub: A Partnership between We Are Era and

January 4, 2023


We Are Era’s Social Intelligence Hub was founded in 2021 with the mission of delivering data-driven insights regarding online communities and discussion topics across social media platforms in real-time. In 2022, the Social Intelligence Hub team began working with, a Relias brand, in its first international partnership beyond the European market.

Relias is a leader in online learning platforms for healthcare workers and is part of the Bertelsmann Education Group. offers a rich online community and learning, career planning, and development resources for nurses. As Relias worked on further building out the online platform, the team was looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the online nursing community, the social media presence of the brand, and popular discussion topics around nursing in the United States. For these insights, the company turned to the Social Intelligence Hub.

Based on a broad social listening data set of over 100K nursing-related social media posts from platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, the target group of nurses in the United States was segmented into user personas and even analyzed psychographically to understand their core needs, values, and interests. This analysis created in-depth profiling of’s target audience and highlighted which topics of conversation and issues around nursing are most important to them. In addition to the social listening analysis, the Social Intelligence Hub conducted several workshops with on topics like Getting Started with Influencer Marketing and Corporate Influencers.

“We Are Era’s Social Intelligence Hub helped us understand our target audience more intimately by analyzing social media behavior,” said Amy King, Chief Marketing Officer at Relias. “We Are Era hosted some really insightful workshops that gave us a range of inspirational content ideas to enable us to deliver the content our audience wants — when and where they want it. We plan to build our own corporate influencer network and look forward to continuing to work with We Are Era and benefit from its social media analytics and content strategy services.”

Cristina David, Vice President of Analytics & Strategy at We Are Era and the head of the Social Intelligence Hub explains: “The collaboration thus far between the Social Intelligence Hub and has been very interesting. We were able to bring in our entire range of analytical and strategic services to lay a data-driven foundation for’s future social media marketing initiatives. We were also thrilled to have supported a fellow Bertelsmann company and demonstrated the value of synergies within the group.”


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