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Georg Herlitz CEO for United Screens Music

December 12, 2019


We are a part of the new ecosystem around artists today

Georg Herlitz, CEO United Screens Music

Georg Herlitz is announced CEO for United Screens Music, the largest music network on Youtube in the Nordics, effective from 1st of January 2020. Georg Herlitz has been with United Screens since 2014 and has built up the music business of the company. Now he is announced as CEO for United Screens subsidiary United Screens Music.

"I’m happy and excited for this role", says Georg Herlitz, and continues: "Music is the largest category on Youtube. Youtube is very important for both artists and labels, with a very high potential to reach both fans and to earn money on their content! This is where United Screens Music comes in, we are a part of the new ecosystem around artists today: We are the Youtube experts for the artist elite worldwide. Today we are working with Alan Walker, Zara Larsson & Frog Leap Studios among others."

"On a daily basis we maximize the revenue and the views for our artists and give strategic consultancy on how they best navigate their content on Youtube, and in addition we have one of the sharpest team of digital rights managers with United Screens Music", says Georg Herlitz.

"We are very happy that Georg Herlitz now assumes the role as CEO for United Screens Music. He has the expertise and experiences from creating some of the coolest influencer marketing campaigns we have done between brands and artists. In combination with his experience from the music industry, digital media and advertising industry, Georg is a creative team player with high energy", says Natalie Tideström Heidmark, CEO on United Screens, parent company to United Screens Music.

"United Screens and United Screens Music’s combined advertising offer to the market is outstanding. Our clients can reach both their broad and niche target audiences, as an example young adults in the suburbs, who can be hard to reach on other media channels. Our two core products are ad space on Youtube and influencer marketing with artists", Georg Herlitz concludes.

As a part of the new management team, Erik Gossas will assume the role as operating manager.


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