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We Are Era aims to secure Women's World Cup 2027 on behalf of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

December 15, 2023


We Are Era's Amsterdam-based team won the pitch as the content lead agency for the joint bid of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (BNG2027) to host the FIFA Women's World Cup 2027™.

The collaboration between We Are Era and BNG2027 can now be officially announced following the submission of the bid book to FIFA last week. The objective is to convince the 211 countries, prior to the FIFA congress next year in Bangkok, to vote in favor of the bid on May 17, 2024. In pursuit of this goal, the three football associations (RBFA, KNVB, and DFB) supporting BNG2027 are competing against Brazil and the joint bid of the United States and Mexico.

Michael Schockaert, marketing manager of BNG2027, said: "We Are Era has convincingly demonstrated its ability to effectively engage target groups with creative content and thoughtful media strategies." The content agency was tasked with creating, implementing and distributing the comprehensive content strategy through various social media channels, the special BNG2027 website and newsletters. "The agency has proven to be a reliable content partner for both the KNVB and the RBFA in recent years and has successfully implemented several campaigns in cooperation with the DFB. Furthermore, they operate in eight countries and 30 languages, which is crucial to get our story across to such a diverse audience."

"The trust placed in our agency by these three ambitious football associations to embark on this challenging journey together, amidst a complex playing field, fills me with pride," says Lennart Benthem, Lead Sport Partnerships Benelux at We Are Era. "By promoting this particular bid and especially by translating it into unique content with which we want to generate impact, we can leverage our agency's distinctive capabilities. If we secure victory alongside BNG in May 2024, we not only contribute to the development of women's football but also actively engage in the shared goal of BNG2027: elevating women's football and stimulating societal progress for future generations. A compelling motivation to pursue this endeavor 'full speed ahead'!"

Breaking New Ground

Women's football has experienced significant growth in recent years, yet there is no assurance that this upward trend will persist. Schockaert states; "With the slogan 'Breaking New Ground', symbolising the three participating nations, our aim is to clearly communicate our commitment to collectively surpassing expectations at all levels, setting a new standard in women's football."

The promotion for the World Cup bid is not only getting support from female internationals such as Jackie Groenen, Tessa Wullaert and Alexandra Popp. Additionally, male footballers are actively participating in the campaign, expressing their endorsement on the BNG2027 social media channels. They emphasize the importance of awarding the World Cup to the joint bid from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. We Are Era is working closely with various ambassadors, both female and male players, and other key stakeholders within the sport who support the BNG2027 bid.


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