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"I’M LIKE THAT.": We Are Era dedicates own YouTube Originals format to Italy’s diverse creator community

October 26, 2021


Diverse, emancipated, loud and as flamboyant and colorful as the social web itself – this is how Italy's creator community presents itself every day on TikTok, Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. We Are Era – Europe's leading studio and talent agency – is now celebrating this diversity in a specially developed Originals format on YouTube. "I’M LIKE THAT." focuses on value systems and dives deep into socially relevant topics together with well-known creators. In weekly episodes, host Daphne Bohémien welcomes popular talents from the creator community. During their value-driven discussions, they talk about their own highly personal experiences around LGBTQI+, racism and discrimination.

Visitors to YouTube channel "THAT." can now expect a new episode of "I’M LIKE THAT." every Thursday, with different guests from week to week. The format focuses on value-driven conversations on topics of interest to the social web while inviting viewers to engage in the discussion. The YouTube videos are accompanied by snippets  and shoutouts from the guests on Instagram.

"The Italian creator community is characterized by its diversity, creativity and culture of innovation. For nearly ten years we’ve been turning talents into icons and personality brands. Throughout that time, value systems have been crucial not only for their success, but also for the successful creation and development of communities. They create identification in communities around the globe. We are excited to join forces with some of Italy's most talented creators with "I’M LIKE THAT." in order to make them more visible and invite people of all ages to join the discussion," explains Davi Mazzoni, Video Producer at We Are Era Italy.

In the first episode, Daphne Bohémien meets none other than Lilly Meraviglia, who regularly inspires over a million people with her content on YouTube and Instagram. Other initial guests in the "I’M LIKE THAT." studio include Marina Cuollo, with whom Daphne has a very frank conversation about disabilities. The format also delves into topics such as racism within the LGBTQI+ community and transsexuality, which content creators like Sem&Stènn, Kenjii Benjii and Franceso Cicconetti talk about while drawing on their own personal experiences. The first videos achieved exclusively positive engagement among the young target group, bringing the YouTube channel over 200,000 views.

"I’M LIKE THAT." is conceived, developed and produced by media company We Are Era, whose talent agency comprises a portfolio of 1,500 content creators and artists in twelve European markets. Its best-known partners in Italy include Me Contro Te, Lilly Meraviglia, Human Safari and some one hundred other talents across all verticals.


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