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Yahoo begins marketing We Are Era’s massive inventory of European influencers in Spain

October 13, 2021


Yahoo, a media and technology company with a trusted ecosystem of world-class brands and the industry’s leading technology platforms, and We are Era, Europe's leading talent agency and studio, have announced a partnership in Spain that will allow Yahoo to market the content of We Are Era’s portfolio of YouTube channels.

We are Era, a cutting-edge media company founded in 2012 and part of the RTL Group, harnesses the power of communities to generate stories that connect brands with their communities and future customers. With offices in Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, the company manages the largest portfolio of European social influencers and artists, with more than 1,500 partners. We are Era is active in eight markets and has a total average inventory of almost 4 billion views worldwide, with content generated by great influencers like Soki, Loulogio, Verdeliss, bytarifa and Magik in verticals such as Gaming, Entertainment, Beauty and Lifestyle and Children. The company recently enabled one of Europe’s leading fashion e-commerce retailers to successfully enter the Spanish market by leveraging the power of hundreds of social influencers.

Coordinated by We Are Era and in collaboration with these communities of creators, the objective is to create media solutions and branded content based on advertising briefs, thereby achieving a perfect combination of media and content. These actions will be reinforced with planned pre-rolls on specific channels that have the best audience fit based on psychographics instead of just socio-demographics, with a guaranteed number of views, exclusive segmentation possibilities as well as high viewing and video completion rates. In addition, this will all take place within a safe environment for the brand, guaranteeing that it can have premium content exclusively made by professional creators.

Yahoo has established itself as a forward-thinking media company that makes it easy for customers to access the latest advertising opportunities on both familiar and emerging platforms and channels. This new agreement with We Are Era will allow Yahoo to boost its video inventory, taking advantage of We Are Era’s local experience and talent portfolio as well as YouTube’s impact and engagement in Spain, where 43% of users view content at least three times a day.

Aligning the product perfectly within the context of the creator’s content makes such communication effective, natural and well received by users. Not only does this approach enhance their positive perception of the brand, but it does not interrupt their experience. Integrating advertising within the channel ensures greater visibility, making it possible to direct traffic to e-commerce, which in turn increases brand awareness and sales.

Raúl de la Cruz, CEO of Yahoo in Spain, explains: “We’re very pleased to have teamed up with a leading company like We Are Era to expand our video collection, which now provides our clients with access to an unrivalled network of creators of first-class content. With this agreement, brands can approach new segments of the population and a highly engaged audience”.

“Every online video campaign can reach another level of engagement and performance when extending its brand message across the most popular YouTube channels in Spain. We are thrilled to move into a new era together with our partner Yahoo and to provide advertisers with the shortest and probably most brand-safe route to every Spanish-speaking community across the globe”, explains Marcos Garcia, Senior Partnerships Manager Spain at We Are Era.


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