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Divimove launches development program for female social influencers

May 27, 2020



Divimove, Europe’s leading studio and talent agency, is launching an exclusive development program to empower female social influencers in the Netherlands. The initiative aims to develop selected content creators from different verticals who want to take the next step in their career and turn their passion into a long-term profession. Over the 12-month program, participating influencers will complete a number of phases and training courses covering topics such as personality development, channel optimisation, strategy and format creation, content production as well as brand collaborations.

“According to recent studies, female creators are markedly underrepresented in a rather male-dominated influencer community. Our goal is to challenge the status quo and facilitate the career development of young emerging female talents. We are delighted about the launch of this exciting program and are looking forward to giving rising newcomers a stage and the support they deserve to become their own brands,” says Renée Snaak, Head of Talent Partnerships at Divimove Netherlands.

Content creators Jamie Li, Denise Kroes, Zomayra, Isa Luna, Eva Rose, Rosalie, Vonneke Bonneke and Rachel John will be involved in the #FemaleDevelopmentProgram , working closely with Divimove’s Amsterdam-based team over the next 12 months. The program is supported by YouTube and will kick off with individual and group workshops designed exclusively for the program by experts from Divimove and YouTube. In a subsequent phase, the creators’ content strategies and personal positionings will be challenged and new content opportunities evaluated.

“Over the past few years, our team has successfully built up and developed most of the leading social influencers in the Netherlands. Many of our partners are no longer just YouTube stars but are now releasing their own products, hosting shows, making TV appearances and collaborating with leading advertisers across all relevant platforms. They’ve become well-known brands even beyond the confines of social media. Participants in the Divimove program will get to benefit from these experiences and enjoy the best support in the field of talent management, content creation and influencer marketing,” explains Renée Snaak.


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